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Amsterdam Yoga Collective is a Hatha-based yoga collective, founded in 2020 by Seth Kamphuijs and Sharleen Westhout. Our vision is to serve different communities throughout the city, and the world at large through our online videos. The idea is to help students of yoga gain strength, balance and flexibility and to find peace within themselves and with others. Central to our philosophy is meeting the individual needs of those who come to our classes. Whether the groups we teach are large or small, or when classes are one-on-one; we strive to make everyone feel welcome, appreciated and safe enough to leave their comfort zone and go deep within.

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About us Seth
Seth Kamphuijs

Seth started practicing Yoga as a means of recovery after suffering a broken back from a traffic accident in 2004. Steadily building his own practice, he was certified at the foundation and advanced levels in 2015 and in 2019 (500 hr RYT) at Arhanta Yoga Ashrams. Since 2015, he has taught over 5000 hours of Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation, throughout Amsterdam and abroad. Key components to his teachings are balancing playfulness and seriousness, meeting the individual needs of his students and creating a safe environment so that students feel free to go deep within and open up to their true selves. Seth founded Amsterdam Yoga Collective with Sharleen Westhout at the beginning of 2020.

About us Sharleen
Sharleen Westhout

Sharleen’s previous professional life was in marketing. As a longtime student of yoga, Sharleen’s love for the discipline developed into a calling to share her passion with others. After a sabbatical trip through Southeast Asia, she obtained certification from Arhanta Ashram in Khajuraho, India. On her return to Amsterdam, she started teaching and founded ‘Amsterdam Yoga Collective’ together with Seth Kamphuijs. Sharleen’s teaches Traditional Hatha and her classes are characterized by a deep care for her students and her clear , safe and compassionate teachings. She currently studies,‘Chakra Studies: Vision, Language, Leadership & Intimacy’ with Erica Jago.

About us Reina Hoctin Boes
Reina Hoctin Boes

Reina fell in love with Yoga at the same place, known today as The Innersense, where she currently teaches Restorative and 55+ Yoga with AYC. Reina is full of compassion and grateful to be able to continue to pass on a deeply rooted Amsterdam Yoga tradition in De Pijp.

Reina studied history at the University of Amsterdam and was certified by Dr. Chintamani (PhD) of the Nepal Yoga Academy in 2016, at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains, with a 300-hour yoga certification. Her mission is to let her students experience their true strength and wisdom.

About us Mo Stipsen
Mojan Stipsen

Mojan Stipsen began his yoga journey around the turn of the century and trained with, among others, David Lurey, Simon Park, Shiva Rae, and John Friend. In addition, he studied Svastha Yoga Therapy, Traditional Hatha in Santosh Puri Ashram, Ashtanga in Mysore at Krishnamacharya Yoga Institute, and was initiated into the Krya Yoga tradition of Lahiri Mahasaya in 2014. In the Netherlands, he studied with Svaha and followed the advanced teacher training at Delight with Ayurveda and Yin modules. Besides Yoga, Mo trains in Chinese martial arts and movement art, fitness, calisthenics, kickboxing, and Chi Gong. Mo is also a personal trainer and breathing coach.


Amsterdam Yoga Collective is about connection… connecting to one’s true self and about connecting to those around us – and connecting to our beautiful planet that is in such desperate need of our care. Because yoga gives such a strong ability to feel and live more connected, we believe that this gives us the ability to act in a better way towards everything and everybody we meet. Yoga brings us closer to our nature of kindness and understanding and helps us to share the limitless life force we have within.

At Amsterdam Yoga Collective we celebrate many different styles of Hatha Yoga (Hatha, Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative e.o.) and meditation and welcome all levels of practitioners. Everyone has a unique path to follow and as teachers we rejoice in observing the progress that our students make on the mat, and off. We also try to lovingly help them through setbacks with grace.

Yoga is about creating union, relieving suffering and seeking freedom for our bodies and souls. We invite you to cultivate strong, vibrant and healthy bodies and work towards creativity, happiness and tranquility of the mind. We put much time and effort in the spaces we teach in and work hard to create environments where participants can feel at ease.

What is yoga like at Amsterdam Yoga Collective?

Hatha Yoga incorporates poses (asanas), breath practice (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). At Amsterdam Yoga Collective we’ve immersed ourselves in the ancient old tradition of yoga and it’s proven effectiveness to enhance all areas of health and wellbeing comfortably and modernly. We find joy in bringing diverse individuals – youths adults and singles – couples and families together through our wide variety of classes. We love yoga and this is expressed in all we do. So please be welcome. We have a spot waiting for you!
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