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Whether you’re here to find out more about the amazing art and discipline of yoga, to know more about who we are, to share your experience or to book your next yoga class; we’re here for you! And we feel you can derive benefit from sharing your practice with us.

Benefits of Yoga

“To meet our clients’ need for health, happiness and a youthful glow”

Lowers stress
Improves focus
Anxiety relief
Stronger bones
Healthier weight

Classes we teach

We offer a wide variety of classes at different locations throughout Amsterdam. A Yoga Collective is open. We offer a variety of indoor classes. You can reserve a spot via our online schedule.

Power Yoga & Breathwork
Breathwork (pranayama) is one of the 5 pillars of yoga according to Swami Sivananda and crucial in undergoing a full yoga class experience. That’s why every power yoga class in this series starts with just this.
Yin Yoga
Yin yoga poses are designed to bend and heal your connective tissues and are experienced as deep stretches as they increase your range of motion and clear your energetic pathways.
Vinyasa Flow
This Vinyasa Flow yoga class is for those who want to start the day off strong, calm and invigorated. The ultimate realization of your ‘me-time.’
Gentle Flow
A calming stress-relieving class to stretch and gently strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis is on building awareness of the breath and body.
Yin Yang Yoga
This yin yang yoga class is truly for everyone! In this class we offer a complete yoga practice. The class is a combination of strong heating yang postures, and even some flow, alternated with the quiet and cooling aspects of yin.
Power Flow
Wake up and get what’s yours! What better way to start your Sunday mornings than flowing on your mat to get a full body-mind-spirit exercise.
Kids Yoga
Did you know that kids who already have practiced with us simply love it? They love getting stronger, more flexible and more balanced, feeling free, and building confidence.
Hatha Yoga
Hatha is the most traditional yoga form taught in yoga studios nowadays. In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body.

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Create more peace for yourself, schedule your indoor clas(ses) beforehand.

Our story

A Yoga Collective is a originally Hatha-based yoga collective in Amsterdam founded in 2020 by Seth Kamphuijs and Sharleen Westhout. With the intention to serve different communities throughout the city, and to the world at large, online.

Our idea is to help our students gain strength, balance and flexibility and to find peace within their body, mind and the world. We do this by meeting the individual needs of our students and to teach in small groups, where everyone feels safe enough to leave their comfort zone and to allow themselves to go deep within.


Welcome to A Yoga Collective teaching at different spots throughout Amsterdam. All our classes are in small and cosy studio’s.


A Yoga Collective is a hatha-based yoga collective in Amsterdam founded in 2020 by Seth Kamphuijs and Sharleen Westhout.

What our yogi’s say

Real people with real stories

Seth’s classes are structured, great in breathing techniques, postures and meditation. Because of this, awareness, rejuvenation and relaxation helps me in my daily life!
AYC testimonial


Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned yogi, you will benefit a lot from Seth’s yoga classes. What really makes the difference in his approach is the support towards every individual in class. This enabled me to book much progress in just a few weeks! Breathing exercises are demonstrated very clearly and brings additional subjects and tips on health and mindfulness.
Testimonial Marinke


It doesn’t matter whether the weather is good or bad, I just can’t miss Seth’s yoga classes. They make me happy! I strongly recommend it. Seth brings the wisdom and quality of the traditional yoga practice to a contemporary new dimension, sharing with us his love for life and yoga.
testimonial AYC


Your yoga lessons restores and resets body and mind. I feel more healthy and energetic after the lesson. Thank you, Namasté.
Testimonial AYC


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