Yoga for Immunity

There are some simple aphorisms that 10 years ago perhaps came off as “loony”, “out there” and “quacky”. Yet somehow in the last couple of years have nestled into our rational and conscious minds as well thought-of profound. Sentences such as: “Stress is related to 99% percent of all illnesses”, “fear breeds fear” and “think good and it will be good”, nowadays sound valuable and truthful to many of us. In our opinion, because they are.

While the majority of the population nowadays is in gripes of fear and stress, a small minority – and our hopes is that you belong to this – knows that this time, like all other times, is actually for the good. It’s a perfect time for self-care, cleansing and pratyahara (the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses, going within) and necessary, good. It’s to come out stronger, more caring and more sensitive towards the needs of others and to become more in tune with our individual mission in life. So there we are.

And we are the ones who have to maintain strong healthy, vigilant and optimistic, so once this viral drama is over we’ll be ready to help others get back on their own track. Fundamental in fighting the disease we are facing is keeping a healthy immune system.
There are a many ways to do this and we will share much about these the coming weeks on. Yet for now we’d like to share with you an incredible valuable pose.

It’s taken from a millennial old chromosomal yoga practice known as Yoga of Abraham. Seth has been practicing this yoga for almost a decade and feels now it’s time to start sharing his knowledge of this ancient Practice of Peace, with the blessing of his teacher, with as many as possible. There is an immense system of knowledge that goes behind this yoga for which this blogpost is just too short. Let it suffice for now that the following pose we’re sharing with you is specifically for boosting your immune system. The pose is called Gimel, after the third letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

How this pose works for you

Practicing Gimel triggers a healing energy to the immune system and its corresponding organ, the spleen. A weak spleen leaves the body vulnerable to serious infection. Gimel is connected to the fire element and to the virtue of courage, which includes strength and restraint. A healthy immune system generates a feeling of power, in the sense that one should focus strength on giving and not just taking. It implies grace and intelligence in the face of confrontation.

Practice the Gimel

  • Stand straight, place the hands down along the body on each side; and look straight ahead.
  • Lift the palms of your hands until they are horizontal, parallel to the floor, while your arms remain along your body.
  • Move your right foot slightly ahead, sort of tiptoeing on your foot with the ball on the floor. Keep your left foot in a straight position.
  • Breath in on a count of 10 visualising the air going from your crown to your feet, and breathe out on a count of 5, simply by emptying the lungs.
  • Repeat this 4 times, then switch stance.

This is a perfect time for self-care and pratyahara, (the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses, going within). To come out stronger, more sensitive towards others and to become more in tune with our individual mission in life.

Good luck, have fun, stay safe and please let us know how you feel after doing the pose.

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